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Adult Ministries

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study

Adult Bible study classes are designed for small groups to study God Word together. Men's classes to ladies' classes, senior adult classes to college age classes, and everything in between are designed to meet the needs of every person that wants to study the Bible.  Topical classes are also available that study a certain Christian struggle, Bible topic, or cultural trend for 12 week periods of time.  Small class sizes allow for plenty of discussion and interaction as well as lifelong friendship development. You will feel welcomed and included in each class because we all realize that each of us is a flawed person following after a gracious Lord.  Sunday morning adult Bible study classes meet at 10:00 each Sunday morning.


Teen Student Ministries

Junior High

6-8 Grade

Your 6th, 7th or 8th grader will experience fun and friendship as well as  gain lifelong perspective in classes designed to ask an important question, "Who Are You?"  The best way to answer this is to place them in the larger story that God is telling through scripture. The junior high classes focus on four big concepts in the framework of redemption. The four big concepts are Creation, The Fall, Redemption, and Consummation.  It allows them to work through the entire scripture and understand the big story God is telling, not only about the world but what God is telling about them as well. God has an adventure for them, a destiny, if they will trust Him and step out.  Junior high classes meet every Sunday morning at 10:00 and each Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m.

High School

9-12 Grade

The high school years are some of the most memorable years of a person's life.  They can also be some of the most formative years where a young person discerns what they truly believe and what they are willing to stand up for. "Is He the God of my parents, or is He my personal Lord and Savior?"  The high school classes allow for lots of fun, socializing, service and activities, but the goal is to establish high school students as lifelong disciples through a deep study of God's Word, mobilizing them to live with  Godly perspective and evident faith.  High school classes meet every Sunday morning at 10:00 and each Wednesday evening at 6:50 p.m.


Children Ministries


Birth – 24 months

A safe and loving nursery provides parents with the opportunity to fully participate in all the activities of the church knowing that their babies are receiving personal care in a loving and nurturing environment. Each qualified nursery worker takes seriously the high task of showing Jesus' love to and caring for your child while you worship, learn, and grow with us.  Nursery service coincides with each regular Sunday and midweek service.

Sunday Children's Ministries

We believe that even the youngest member at Cornerstone needs to be ministered to.  Each Sunday morning, multiple classes allow each child to receive Bible-based teaching in an age appropriate way. The following classes provide excitement, friendship, and fun while presenting God's Word to each child.


Age 2 - Kindergarten

Preschoolers love interactive learning, which is why our preschool classes provide energetic, colorful, hands-on experiences.  We offer separate classes for ages two to three and for ages four through kindergarten.  Each class allows preschoolers to learn God's Word in age appropriate bits from experienced teachers. Classes coincide with our regular Sunday morning services.


1 – 3 grades

Our elementary classes combine Bible-based teaching with interactive stories, quizzing, and prizes to help each child learn more about God and His love for us. Divided into a boys' class and a girls' class, each class allows your child to develop a better understanding of God's Word and the people that He tells us about in its pages.

Middle School

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4-5 grades

Our middle school classes help your students make the transition from "little kid" to junior high. Knowing that living for Jesus can become more challenging starting in middle school, Bible teaching is geared to equip each student with Biblical principles and a more personal walk with Jesus.  This class is also divided into a boys' class and a girls' class.

Wednesday Children's AWANA Ministry

AWANA offers a fun, supportive environment where kids, from every background and cultural setting, learn how a personal relationship with Christ affects their everyday lives.  Scripture-based lessons, Bible memorization, fun music, and exciting games will keep your child begging to come back again!  The ultimate message to kids of every age group is that nothing is more important than their relationship with Christ and following His way of living in the Scriptures. AWANA meet every Wednesday evening at 6:50 p.m. during the school year.

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2-3 year old

In Puggles, children are welcomed each week with play time, songs, simple crafts, and activities. Leaders present age-appropriate lessons using large, colorful teaching cards,finger puppet plays, videos, and more.  Lessons teach and reinforce four basic Biblical precepts:

  • God made everything
  • God saw that it was good
  • God is love
  • Give thanks

Toddlers love having their very own AWANA club just like their older siblings!

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3- to 5-year olds

Cubbies celebrates the spiritual potential of preschoolers by helping them develop respect for God, His Son, and His Word.  Preschoolers can hardly wait for their next Cubbies club meeting. Whether it's the fun puppets, the exciting games, or all their Cubbies friends, they simply love it.  At Story Time each week, preschoolers learn about God – the greatness of His love and His Word – and about His Son, Jesus Christ, the promised Savior.  Games build excitement and reinforce Story Time lesson the omega Christian children are not immune.  Handbooks and large-group lessons deepen a child's knowledge about God and His Word and teach how to put that knowledge into action in everyday life.


Homeless and Food Bank Ministries

Seeking to be obedient to the teaching of Matthew 25, each week Cornerstone hands out thousands of pounds of food to the homeless and needy of our area. Sundays, we bus the homeless of Tulsa from shelters to our church to feed them, preach to them, and minister to them.  During the week, hundreds of needy families arrive at our church to receive boxes of food prepared in our community food bank by many hard working volunteers.  With the increasingly hard times for many in our community, the need is great.  Knowing that people in need must be ministered to physically and spiritually, Cornerstone has been part of many changed lives by reaching out to our neighbors in need with food or clothing and then taking the time to attend to the deep spiritual needs that have an eternal impact.


Cornerstone Christian Academy

CCA offers a Christian approach to learning…

For grades K-3 through 12th grade

America’s first schools were founded on Christian principles and Cornerstone Christian Academy proudly continues that timeless tradition. Beginning in 1980, CCA has been serving the greater Tulsa area and provides a superior, Christ-centered approach to education.

At CCA, our goal is to raise Godly leaders for tomorrow who are spiritually motivated, mentally disciplined, and socially prepared.   We believe that all of our students have a divine purpose and have been uniquely endowed with God-given gifts and the ability to become thinking, reasoning, knowledgeable individuals.

We affirm the absolute truth of God’s Word and hold it as the rule by which we judge all else. In addition to their regular class schedules, our students take required Bible courses and attend weekly chapel services. We demand high standards of Christian conduct from each student at all times and emphasize reverence for God, love for country, and respect for authority.

We see tmes.  Cubbies helps you lead your child to God early so your child will respect and trust Him for life.


Grades Kindergarten to 2nd

To many children in kindergarten to second grade, Sparks is the highlight of the week!  They love their red vests, the exciting games and spending time with leaders and friends.  Sparks is divided into three years, each with a unique book and special prizes and awards.  Each Sparkie works to memorize Bible verses each week and complete handbook activities.  The handbooks, combined with Large Group Time lessons, take your child on a journey through the Bible to learn about the people and events of the Bible, building a foundation of wisdom for knowing Christ.

T&T (Truth and Training)

3 – 5 Grades

T&T engages third through fifth-graders by answering their questions about God and the Bible, guiding them through this pivotal stage to grow in Christ's grace. Today, 10 to 12 year olds, known as tweens, face unique pressures, demands, and distractions. These factors can result in a marked increase in discouragement, apathy, and disengagement. education process as a partnership between the parents, the church, and the Christian school, and recognize in the final analysis, each of these partners must work together in tandem to ensure that students receive the best Christian education possible.

Our dedicated faculty serves as mentors and role models for our students. They are free to integrate their personal faith and prayer with their students and maintain a disciplined, orderly environment for academic achievement.  All of  our faculty members are called and qualified to teach, having a definite Christian testimony and an average of over 15 years teaching experience.