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About Us

Founded in 1955, Cornerstone Free Will Baptist Church has changed locations and names over the years, but our doctrine has always remained the same: the sinful nature of man; the virgin birth of Jesus Christ; the death, burial, and  resurrection of Jesus Christ as an atonement of man’s sin; and eternal life for those who accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and who remain faithful until the end of their days on earth.  

Cornerstone strives to be the example of the new testament church by encouraging all members to actively participate in one of the many ministries of the church:

  • Evangelism
  • Homeless Ministry (Preaching, Singing, and Food Preparation)
  • Food Bank
  • Music Ministry
  • Children’s Ministry

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Worship services are held at our campus located at 7770 North Whirlpool Drive which is located just north of 76th St. North and between Hwy 75 and Whirlpool Dr.  See the map below.

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Ordained deacons take an active role in helping to meet the needs of the church body. Each deacon has responsibility for a portion of the members and is there to minister to them in times of need and celebration.   This close relationship has helped to make a difference with their walk with God.