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Homeless and Food Bank Ministries

Seeking to be obedient to the teaching of Matthew 25, each week Cornerstone hands out thousands of pounds of food to the homeless and needy of our replica watches area.  Sundays we bus the homeless of Tulsa from shelters to our church to feed them, preach to them, and minister to them.  During the week, hundreds of needy families arrive at our church to receive boxes of food prepared in our community food bank by many cheap replica cartier watches hard working volunteers.  With the increasingly hard times for many in our community, the need is great.  Knowing that people in need must be ministered to physically and spiritually, Cornerstone has been part of many changed lives by reaching out to our neighbors in need with food or Répliques Audemars Piguet Suisses clothing and then taking the time to attend to the deep spiritual needs that have an eternal impact.

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